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When you find yourself settled away from your homeland, you’re either staying in-touch or out of touch with family. Both realities come with mixed feelings, since your cultural heritage and connections with loved ones are affected by your relocation.
Adjusting in a new environment can be difficult, Oh you went to the shopping mall but didn’t find that fabric you yearn to put on as an invitee to a wedding in your neighbourhood, or that beautiful traditional dress you want to wear for the next party.

Afroish is here to bridge the cultural gap that exists in the diaspora.

Afroish helps you connect to your roots by providing an online marketplace for Afro inspired products and storytelling.

Yes, you left home but Afroish makes you feel like you never left, same products you are used to at unbeatable prices, each product on our store is named after cities, lakes etc in Africa or the Caribbean – you are more connected to your culture now than ever.
As our customer, we promise to provide you with the best customer experience, we will be supportive and will guide you throughout your buying/selling journey. Feel free to reach us atĀ info@afroish.comĀ if you have any questions.

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